Using This Site

This website consists of one main directory that includes philosophers working within any area of specialization within philosophy. You will find this list under the ‘Specializations’ tab in the main menu. Each philosopher’s entry includes his or her Name, Position, Institution, Location, Area(s) of Specialization, Specific Research Interests, and Self-Identification statuses. Philosopher’s websites can be accessed by clicking on their name; if the philosopher has a website then their name will appear in blue.

Within this main directory, there are two sets of sub-directories. One set is organized by Areas of Specialization. Areas of Specialization include broad categories like ‘Metaphysics’, ‘Philosophy of Gender’ ‘Continental Philosophy’, and ‘Early Modern Philosophy’. The other is organized by Self-Identification categories. These Self-Identification categories are coded with letters, and a key to the code can be found as a floating popup box at the upper right hand corner of each directory.

Each directory is searchable; just use the search box above each directory. You can use this search box to search for any aspect of an entry.   For example, if you want to find everyone in the directory who works in the Philosophy of Race, just sort the directory by that area of specialization. If you want to find only women philosophers, just sort the directory by the code for women philosophers, ‘[W]’. If you want to find all black philosophers who live in a certain city or state who work in Epistemology, you can search either within the Epistemology sub-directory for all black philosophers who live in that locale or within the black philosophers sub-directory for all those who work on Epistemology and live in that locale. You can also search for philosophers by Specific Research Interests within the main directory or within any of the sub-directories. If you want to find all philosophers who work on ‘virtue epistemology’ or ‘modality’ or ‘Xunzi’, just input that in the search box within the main directory or the sub-directories. Since Specific Research Interests is a write-in field, you may need to try different search terms related to that specific area.

You can find the full list of Areas of Specialization here. If your Area of Specialization is not listed, please find the closest such areas and check those boxes. Please also send us an email requesting that your Area of Specialization be added and we will do our best to add it, though there are technological constraints on how many AOSs we are able to add. You can also input your more specific area of specialization or specific research interests under the ‘Specific Research Interests’ column. Please note that the category GRIDS+ includes the following areas of specialization: Philosophy of Gender, Philosophy of Race, Philosophy of Intersectionality, Philosophy of Disability, Philosophy of Sexuality.

Every directory can also be organized alphabetically for any of the eight categories by clicking on the category name. For example, if you want to alphabetize the Location category instead of the Name category, click on Location. Click on it again to alphabetize in descending order (from Z to A). You can do this for every category.

Currently, this Directory represents the following range of self-identification statuses (with further written-in detail as optional, additional information). Anyone who self-identifies as either a “Man” or “Not a Citizen of an Anglophone Country” must self-identify with at least one other category beyond either of these two:

  • Asian [A]
  • Black [B]
  • Indigenous/Native [I]
  • Latina/o/Hispanic [L/H]
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer [LGBTQ]
  • Man [M]
  • Multi-racial [MR]
  • Not a Citizen of an Anglophone Country [NC]
  • Other gender [OG]
  • Other Non-White Race [OR]
  • Other Non-White Self-Identification [O]
  • Pacific Islander [P]
  • Person with a Disability [D]
  • Woman [W]

Please note this is a work in progress and we hope to make it as comprehensive as possible. If you are a philosopher from an underrepresented group in philosophy, please fill out the ‘Want to Add Yourself?’ form to add yourself to the directory. If you want to add someone else, please fill out the ‘Want to Add Someone Else?’ form if that person is a philosopher from an underrepresented group in philosophy who is not currently included in the directory. Please do not add any LGBTQ philosophers or philosophers with a disability other than yourself. We ask those philosophers to choose for themselves whether to be included in the directory. If your submission is for someone other than yourself, your submission will not be entered until we have obtained express permission from the person submitted to publish the information submitted.

If you already have an entry in the directory, please check your entry and ensure that the information is correct and up to date. Fill the ‘Request to Edit Information’ form to edit your information. If you want to be removed from the UPDirectory, please fill out the same form and indicate that you no longer wish to appear in the directory. If you notice that an entry for a philosopher other than yourself has incorrect information shown, please email them and request that they fill out the ‘Request to Edit Information‘ form on their own behalf.

We will add new philosophers and correct information as soon as possible.

Please click on Data Analysis to review analysis of the information in the directory by date. If you have any questions about the data analysis, please send them to the author of the analysis.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or problems with this site please fill out the ‘Contact’ form, found under the ‘About’ tab on the main menu. Thank you for visiting!