Add/Edit an Entry

Please note that entries are not entered automatically at this time. Every entry is manually entered into each directory. Because of this it can a week or so before your entry or edited entry shows up in the directories and there can be data entry error. Please check back a month or so after entering yourself to make sure that your entry is accurate. Thank you for your patience.


Want to Add Yourself? 

If you are filling out an entry for yourself, please fill out the “Want to Add Yourself?” form.

Want to Add Someone Else? 

If you are filling out  an entry on the behalf of another philosophy, please fill out the “Want to Add Someone Else?” form. If this is the case, please do not add any LGBTQ philosophers or philosophers with a disability other than yourself. We ask those philosophers to choose for themselves whether to be included in the directory.

Is the information in your entry incorrect? 

If you want to request an edit to the information in your entry, please fill out the “Request to Edit Information” form. If you notice that an entry for a philosopher other than yourself has incorrect information shown, please email them and request that they fill out the “Request to Edit Information” form on their own behalf.