Request to Edit Information

Please fill out this form if the information in your entry is incorrect. If you are not yet included in the directory, please fill out the “Want to Add Yourself?” form. If you are entering information on the behalf of a philosopher other than yourself, please fill out the “Want to Add Someone Else?” form. If you have noticed that an entry for a philosopher other than yourself has incorrect information shown, please email them and request that they fill out the “Request to Edit Information” form on their own behalf. Please check back in a month or so to ensure that your updated information has been correctly entered into the database. All data at this time is hand-entered and errors can occur! Thank you for your patience.

Instructions on What to Edit:

  • Please check all that apply. After you check something to edit a text box will appear; type in the information *as you want it to appear in the directory*. This means that if you want to change the Areas of Specialization by adding one more, please check *all* of the philosopher's areas of specialization.