George Yancy has written an open letter to white people in the NY Times ‘The Stone’ column and has received racist vitriol in response.

A supporting petition has been created. As Sarah Hoagland writes:

“Philosopher George Yancy is currently under attack (receiving racist hate
mail and threats of violence) as the author of “Dear White America”
published by the New York Times in The Stone Column, 12/24/15.

Here is a link to “Dear White America”:

Here is a link to the Daily Nous where where there is discussion about the
abuse he has received and discussion about possible APA responses to
internet abuse:

And here is a link to a petition to support George Yancy created by Anne


UPDirectory members: Please stand up against racist abuse and threats directed at philosophers who reach out to the public by signing the petition. While action is being taken at the APA, your signature on the petition will help show solidarity with George Yancy and send a message to the APA that the philosophical community supports APA action.

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